a beginners guide to the general android rooting process

hello everyone.

im a confused newbie. is there any other kind?

it seems that a lot of the traffic on this forum is from people trying to piece some information together from a thousand random threads.

some of the information we are looking for is phone-specific for sure. but i believe a lot of the confusion also comes from newbies like me not being able to review the basic rooting procedures and/or processes as a complete system. this could include rooting "definitions", but im more referring to how the different processes/steps follow each other or relate to each other.

one of my goals here (GOAL #1) is to compile some important info that will allow us newbies to get started by understanding the non-phone-specific general rooting/custom recovery/new rom procedure without going to a thousand different threads. once we understand the underlying procedure, then we can go to a thousand threads to get our phone-specific ROMULATION (explained below) completed.

GOAL #2. learn the process well enough for me to make some money! (explained below)

Goal #3. to make you experts some money! you do want some cash for your education and efforts dont you?


i will post a series of "general information" pieces INDIVIDUALLY, BUT ALL IN THIS ONE THREAD, to be verified/clarified/vilified on this thread by posting each "info area" as a different comment. this way if you have something to add to a particular piece of information, you wont have to "quote" all the information. im trying to keep the thread from becoming too long because of quoting a long entry when you may be only replying to one specific piece of information in the entry. (ie: this intro paragraph doesnt need to be quoted if you are responding to a specific subject later in this thread.)

HOW I LEARN: everyone learns differently. so i will be researching this info on this thread by compiling the information/questions in a way that i learn. im sure there are people who learn differently from me. if thats the case you can just try other threads until you find someone who explains things in a way you understand.

but assuredly there are individuals who are as confused by the process as i am, and who also learn the same way i do. it is the hope that for myself and the people who naturally learn like me, that this thread will be a godsend to us.

if you tell me "something", i might get it. if you tell me "something technical" i may or may not "get it" at first, or maybe not at all!

but i learn better if i can "compare" things and/or under "what if" scenarios. keep in mind that some of the "what ifs" below are not necessarily something i want to do, but rather information that may help me (us newbies) understand the RELATIONSHIP between various processes.

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