Need help deciding on a tablet

I'm very new to the whole Tablet/Android thing, but I want to get a 7-inch tablet to help with my failing eyesight. (A 10-inch would be really good, but they are way out of my budget).
I was going to go with the Kindle Fire, but then heard rumors about a new Kindle coming out and then I ran across the Nexus 7 as well which only added to my dilema.
I'm mainly going to use the tablet as a remote control for my Logitech Squeezebox Touch (can't see the barely 4 inch screen from 9 feet away with glasses so by using a tablet to control it I'll be able to see the screen as it will be in my tablet right in front of me).
I;m not into reading books on a tablet. I like to read, but prefer the traditional method hands down. I also will not be watching movies or playing games on the tablet. I also will not be playing music on the tablet. I would however, like to try soem audiobooks perhaps. I would also like to try some apps I have seen. It would also be great to be able to have my shopping list on a tablet for grocery shopping and such. It would also come in handy for vinyl record hunting (if there's an app for that). I'd like to be able to put Word docs and Excel spreadsheets on it.
Two very big points for me are:
1) The ability to delete apps if I don't like an app or if I have not used it in a long time because I have no use for it
2) Advertising. I do not want to have to put up with endless ads at every turn every time I turn it on or want to do something.
In looking at the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 they both have strong points and weak points and I'm trying to decide which one would be less of a paperweight.
Kindle Fire HD = About the same power proc as the Nexus 7, dual WiFi antennas for better connection supossedly,16GB on board memory, fancy speakers, HDMI out (whatever that would be used for), long battery life, instructions for getting it to control Squeezebox Touch easy to find. Cons: Restricted version of Android OS, can't delete apps once they are on from what I heard, no OS updates and I also heard that there is tons of ads.
Nexus 7 = Same proc power, True Android OS, OS updates, No need to root, just load Squeezebox control app and go. Supposed Cons: 8GB memory on board, single WiFi antenna, no HDMI output (doesn't mean much to me at this time), battery life same as old Kindle Fire (not a deal breaker).

My questions:
Can one delete apps on the Nexus 7? Does the new Fire have that ability?
Can one run Amazon apps on the Nexus 7? (That may give the best of both worlds).
Can one put Word Docs and Excel spreadsheets on the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD?

I don't want to make a bad choice in my purchase and end up with something that only does half of what I need or is too complicated to operate.

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