[MOD][Script] Project Mod Boost_V4.8[ICS/JB/KK][OT-995]No lag , Mod boost is here

-Compilation of several script performance for ICS/JB/KK

Mod Complet ( Entropy Engine , Kernel Tweaks , Build.prop , EXT4_tweak , more ...)


Flash mod is your own responsibility!
I can not be held responsible for any damage caused to your phone ...


It combines many script which is aimed to improve smoothness.
Some useful improvements battery life
Improved management of the RAM
Network improvements, 3G and 2G
Reduction of system startup
Improved build.prop
Better Scrolling
Zipalignage self at every boot
Gain autonomy
Swap Cache
AdBlocking Blocks Malware Spyware Bloatware ..
Entropy engine and boost adrenaline

1-Requirements :

- Rooted phone.
- Android 4.2/4.4
- Kernel/ROM with init.d support.
- 5mb free in system.
- Custom recovery

2-Install :
Before Flashing please do a nandroid backup to avoid any incompatibility issues.
Do not use with any other Mod Boost script because they conflict

1. Download the zip file.
2. Reboot into recovery mode.
3. Dalvik cache before and Install the ZIP file
4. Restart your phone as SU when the installation is complete

3-Entropy :
it used to have significant lag reduction . It shows significant improvements on all devices
> Open the terminal
> Type su to get root privileges
> Type seeder
(Not enabled by default)

Test entropy value :

4-Boost adrenaline :
It clear the cache of your old system and thus gets more free RAM For you and increases performance
> Open the terminal
> Type su to get root privileges
> Type boost

5-Checking :
Whether everything is properly installed
> Open the terminal
> Type su to get root privileges
> Type scan

> Open the terminal
> Type su to get root privileges
> Type no_mod

7- Dashboard:
> Open the terminal
> Type su to get root privileges
> Type menu

(Scan / Entropy / Boost /Cleaner / Dalvik Wiper / System Information / Restore Build / Uninstall)

# Logs some tweaks = Go to system/ModBoost/**.log
# The system can take a while to start

8-Changelog :


Updating of 03/02/14 : Mod Boost 3.1 <-------- obsolete

# Update AD-BLOCKING BLOCKS Malware Spyware Bloatware .....
# Update Build.prop tweaks


Updating of 05/02/14 : Mod Boost 3.4 <-------- obsolete

Two mods variants with different engine
Mod revised for better stability V 3.3 with engine X and Y:
# Delete cron , there boost.
# Engine entropy change
# Buildprop in ini.d
# Engine X et Y


Updating of 08/02/14 : Mod Boost 3.6 <-------- obsolete

#Continuity engine Y
#Added Net speed tweak
#Management Ram change
#Cleaner script change


Updating of 14/02/14 : Mod Boost 4 <-------- obsolete
#Added Swap Cache
#Added some Build.prop Tweaks
#Added Zipalign
#Added Tweaking processes at wake
#Clean ram every hours / Optimize databases ( free space )
# Added SD Tweaks
# No mod with terminal


Updating of 18/02/14 : Mod Boost 4.1 stable <-------- obsolete
# Come back Buildprop Tweaks (of the Version 3.6)
# Backup build.prop
# Uninstaller update


Updating of 21/02/14 : Mod Boost 4.2 stable <-------- obsolete
# Added Tweak I/O Scheduler
# Added File System Tweaks
# Added Memory Management
# Added Tweak Gentle Fair Sleepers and Graphics Enhancement
# Delete swap cache ( slowed slightly tweaks)


Updating of 28/02/14 : Mod Boost 4.3 Reloaded Test <-------- obsolete
# Added Kernel Samepage Merging / zRam
# Rework Ram Tweak
# Rework Engine Tweak


Updating of 08/02/14 : Mod Boost 4.4 Reloaded <-------- obsolete
# Cpugpu Tweaks / Net Core Tweaks / Zygote Tweaks


Updating of 16/02/14 : Mod Boost 4.5 Reloaded <-------- obsolete
# New values setprop / New Values Build.prop (heapgrowthlimit / heapsize)
# New Tweaks : G-Mode FPS
# Auto battery calibration on every boot for better time
# New Dashboard Mod Boost with all options : type 'su' and 'menu'
Scan / Entropy / Boost / System Information / Restore Build / Uninstall


Updating of 19/02/14 : Mod Boost 4.6 Reloaded <-------- obsolete
# Last minor update for battery life and network / zRam
# Come back swap


Updating of 01/04/14 : Mod Boost 4.7 Reloaded
# Fix lags sometimes and Fix updater script ( error 7 CMW )
# New menu with cleaner file system and dalvik wiper
# News values ksm/VM ( obviously no swap )
# WiFi sleep/Adjusting iptables
# Busybox and Sqlite


Updating of 21/04/2014 : ModBoost 4.8 Reloaded
# News values : ADJ Values / Minfree Values / vm.min_free_kbytes
# Restructuring mod : Separation of ksm to tweak system (ksm tweaks)
# Fix Network

8-Feedbacks :

Originally Posted by

working flawlessly
after insatlling this fifa 14 is working more smooth
and rom has become more smooth

Originally Posted by osimobile

Yes it does boost really good!!!

Originally Posted by mjrpereira

Hui k1ks, thank you for your work it's really great

9-Beta Test Versions:

10-Gapps kitkat:

They are Mini- Gapps Kitkat compatible ART

11-SwapMod Boost:


Great thank you to : Zeppelinrox, Ryu Inferno ,ImbaWind , Darky and slaid480 for ideas of scripts.

************************************************** ************************************************** **********************************************

For Devs: If you want to include this mod in your rom, you can. Just instert the proper credits

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