[Q] Obtaining Apps from Google Play without Gapps and Device Authentification

Hello all

For security reasons I bought a new phone compatible with CM and installed CM11M12 +freecyngn +Xprivacy without the Gapps. Previously I had a Windows phone. I imagined there to be issues obtaining apps but wouldn't have guessed their extent.

There is a Windows-program that allows for fetching the .akps from the Play Store but it is required that one has authenticated a device first which requires one to have installed the Play services.

There are online tools like evozi that allow for downloading the .apks but due to lacking knowledge in how to verify that the .apks indeed haven't been manipulated I rather avoid those. I don't want to become part of a botnet or install spyware.

There's the Amazon App Store, but that requires the app to be kept installed and the user signed in, and it spies on the user, so no option either. And while Amazon already is missing quite a few apps that are available on the Play Store, it's even more the case with all the other app-stores.
F-Droid is excellent but there are non-free apps that have no FOSS-alternative.

I could imagine flashing stock again and downloading the .apks and storing them somehow on my computer before reinstalling my current system. The question: Is there any other way in obtaining the apps from the Google Play Store that I don't know?

Needless to say that if I have the choice between the convenience of apps on one hand and a system that minimizes spying on the other I choose the latter without the blink of an eye.

Thank you for your help

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