Lenovo A806 (Golden Warrior) NVRAM Error problem

Heya, first time posting and I got this weird NVRAM problem.

Before all, here's the info of my phone:

(Also have installed TWRP MDS recovery

So, some time ago I kinda ruined my NVRAM/IMEI (sorry, I'm really bad at this so please no hate if I don't call it correctly) while flashing my phone. But til now I was able to fix it by just taking the NVRAM folder back-up on my pc and replacing the one on my phone with it. That worked fine for a few times. But recently, I got another, kinda weird problem. I suddenly found myself not being able to use a few apps anymore as when I opened them, they froze after a few seconds and closed, without any "[APP] unfortunately stopped working.". First I tried figuring out why it might be after which apps it were which froze, but I couldn't find a clear pattern because apps like Steam or Chrome froze, while Firefox, Reddit and WhatsApp were just fine. Following I tried first removing my SD card to see if that would fix it, rebooting my phone, clearing the app cache, reinstalling them and nothing worked. So as a last resort, I factory reset my phone. After it rebooted, I had the NVRAM problem again, to no suprise and I did the same as always. Drag root explorer and the NVRAM folder on my device and replace the current NVRAM folder with the back-up. But after rebooting it, I kinda met something unused for me: The IMEI was there, but so was the NVRAM error in the Wi-Fi tab.

That pretty much confused me. The phone works perfectly fine, I can receive calls and messages, the provider is there.

So at first I didn't bother about it because the error only was showing in the Wi-Fi tab while everything seemed to be fine. But then trying to install and open the same apps as mentioned above, nothing has changed.

So, with me being a total noob in this and not being able to connect the lines I got 2 questions:

1. Are those 2 problems linked to each other?

I know that it is very unlikely, but hey, slowly getting desperate so I would believe anything.

2. Specifically, how can I fix the apps freezing?

The first problem didn't bother me too much, but I kinda need to use some of those apps like steam for the mobile authenticator so I really would be glad if I could fix this.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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