[Q] How to use Zanavi app- Tips please!

Hi all,

I am using LG Optimus Black, but my question is generic, about the navigation app Zanavi.
That's why I am posting this question here in "General" forum.

I have extensively searched the Internet, and also checked this forum thoroughly, but could not find the answer.

Question: How to interpret the Zanavi display?

I know that-
1. The green ring shows the current location (in Navigation mode, it is replaced by an arrowhead)
2. I can use the red pin (at right) to pin down (fix) the map.
When pinned, the map is centered on the current position (ring/arrowhead); and cannot be scrolled around.
3. To define the destination, I have to scroll the map to a new location, and then long-press on the destination place.
A balloon pops up. To set the destination, I should touch the X in the left half of the balloon.
This cretes a red bull's eye at that spot, and Zanavi calculates the route from the current location till this red bull's eye.
4. At the left side bottom of the screen, two things are displayed:
(a) Icon that shows a stylized arrow for the next turn, and (b) below that, distance to that turn.

I know this much, but need guidance for the rest:

5. In the middle-bottom part of the screen, a distance is shown.
Is this the total distance or from the current location to the destination?
6. Just above this distance, another text box shows some figure. What is this- ETA or duration of travel?
7. At the right-side bottom of the screen, a circle is shown like a clockface; with three "hands": red, green and black radial lines.
What does this display show?
8. Below this "clockface", there is yet another text box with another distance. What is this?

I also cannot work out the other usage-related doubts:
(a) Can I change the route laid out by Zanavi? If yes, how?
(e.g. The Google maps allows the user to drag a marker, which changes the route line also.
Is there a similar feature in Zanavi app for Android?)

(b) I can insert multiple POIs in the route (where one POI is red, and the rest are blue).
I am not clear if there is a method to change their order, so that I can travel in the correct sequence.
(e.g. A girl may want to go first to the hairdresser, and then to a party...)

Zanavi may be trying to re-calculate the entire route to cover all POIs in least-possible distance.
The user would not want that.

Thanks in advance!

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