Q: Galaxy Note 2 Superborked

Where to start...

First, as a disclaimer, I may use language or terms that sound noobish. I have rooted and run custom ROMs on several devices in the past, however generally when I get a ROM I like I stick with it, so I'm not constantly tinkering. I've done my best to search and find solutions so please go easy on me.

17 days ago I was running stock 4.3 on my SGNII when the battery died. Upon charging I found I was stuck in bootloop and had a bad /efs mount. I searched and searched and spent around 15 hours trying this and that but to no avail. I finally threw my hands in the air and got ahold of Josh at mobiletechvideos and he was able to fix the efs mount issue. However, he left me in factory mode which required me to root to get out of, and once I did this I was unable to activate data on my carrier (Ting). I was so happy to have my phone "back" though that I used it like this for 4 or 5 days. I could get on wifi and I could call and send text messages. I had been off the grid so this felt like something I'd fix fully later.

Well I kept reading and found "fix" after "fix", flashed this and that and still no dice. FINALLY, last night, I found this thread: which helped immensely. I was able to get TWRP flashed by unchecking the "auto-reboot" option in Odin and pulling the battery after the update took, and via TWRP I was able to install the ROM. I booted up, the device activated, I was running 4.1.2, I made and received some calls, the birds were chirping, the air was sweet...

I had struggled for so long and I had finally achieved success! Then, for seemingly no reason at all, I accepted an OTA update which bricked my Note2. Devastation.

The current state of things...

* Cannot get past the initial "Samsung Galaxy Note 2" screen
* Cannot boot into recovery
* I CAN get into dl mode,
* but, I CANNOT successfully flash anything. TWRP will flash like it took, but upon reboot I'm not able to boot into it. I'm also able to flash a ROM but it fails when it gets to sbin, and upon rebooting I'm greeted by the screen "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again."

When I try to use Kies it doesn't find the device. I've installed all of the most recent drivers and I'm running Kies as administrator. I select Tools > Emergency Firmware Recovery, THEN connect my device as instructed.

I'm at the apex of frustration. I beg thee to help!!

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