Can anyone help me with some Note 2 woes?


I have a few issues I am hoping someone can help me

with. First though as I have been looking around for help

online, I have noticed any directions have been different

on my phone even though it is help for my phone I am

looking at. I think it is because my phone has been

upgraded to android 4.4.2. and most instructions are for

older versions.

I have a Note 2 , Model # SGH-T889V, Android version


1. Does this Android version mean the software(firmware?)

is KitKat??

2. Every time I take my battery out, I lose my wifi

network key and have to keep entering it to connect. I

took it to a shop (Cell Doctor, Calgary, Alberta) where I

have some repair warranty and they did not know if this

was normal. they gave me a 1-800 number for Samsung and

sent me looking for a payphone, though I was already

certain it was normal like a computer and that was

confirmed by a friendlier Samsung rep. I went back and

educated the two youngin techs at CellDoctor and one took

the phone and frigged with a setting and that worked for

a while. They said all I had to do was click the

"remember keyword" setting where I inserted the wifi

network key. I can't find that anywhere.

Can anybody direct me to that setting on my version

4.4.2?? Please.

3. I have also been told that I cannot use the GPS

navigator, giving me directions unless I have a data plan

or wifi. When I am driving I have neither. I set the

destination when I do have wifi at home and it gives me

really good voice commands until I arrive but changing a

destination again with no wifi does not work. It gives me

an error of no wifi connection. A stand alone GPS you buy

for a car, has no wifi or data plan and it works with 12

volts and a GPS signal. Should not my phone act the


4. My battery worked really, really good. I started using

APPs such as battery doctor and battery drain and now

when I use this battery, it makes the phone reset, go

through booting, over and over and over again. A new

battery I just bought works well. It seems these things

are really fragile compared to a laptop. Should I be

really carful about which APPs I play with??

This is my first smart phone and it has been really,

really frustrating to say the least.

I hope someone can help me out with these issues.

I look forward to your help,


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