[Q] USB Type: V8 Connector?

A while back, while searching for higher quality Micro USB cables that would reliably charge the phones and devices used by everyone around me, because I somehow became responsible for that. Anyway. I ran across USB cables with a longer micro USB head that allows a good solid connection even with a case.

At first I thought it was a gimmick, I wasn't sure there was anything special about these cables at all, but after I received these USB cables and compared the ends to standard run of the cables, I found that the micro USB heads were in fact longer, by around 1/8in. This little bit of length made all the difference in the world on my Note 3 with a hybrid case. My phone charged reliably every time I plugged it in. The seller I bought them from had them priced dirt cheap (which i later found out was an error on their part), so I ordered more, 3x5 packs. They proved to be a big hit with my family, friends and customers, I went thru those 3 5 packs in no time flat, when I went to reorder them, instead of being $1.99 FOR 5, they were $12.99 for 5.

So I started looking for other sellers and I noticed that each seller called the cables something different, but I started to notice that amongst the OEM's in china they were calling them USB V8 connectors and it was consistent across all of the Chinese and Hong Kong based OEM's. But the US based resellers and retailers didn't seem to follow that naming scheme, I'm finding all sorts of micro USB cables labeled as V8 cables by US sellers.

I've been researching the origin of the name USB V8 and have come up with nothing what so ever. There is nothing on the official USB Implementers Forum OR USB.org regarding this naming scheme. I'm hoping someone here has some information about what USB V8 is all about, if so please share...

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