Software bugs or hardware trouble?

Please excuse me if I have written this in the wrong section, and my bad grammar, if any.

Around the half of past year, I got this phone, Own S3030. An unknown "brand", but, according to what I have read, it's done by Alcatel, doing some strange strategy with one of chilean carriers, Entel. I'm a newbie to Android, but overall the phone has been working very well, regardless of the poor 512MB of RAM and camera quality, the rest is alright, it's a "clean" Android 4.4.2 KitKat with no bloatware other than my carrier's "Entel" app, everything I tried to install has worked just fine, I get no "horrific" slowdowns and the only lag I ever get is with a few PSP games (such as Need for Speed Most Wanted); overall it works much better than my netbook and a bad Android tablet I had until past year, that couldn't even update the gallery without a great lag. But I'm having only two really worrying freezing/slowdown issues, but that it seems to be software bugs:

1.- If I watch a film or long documentary at Youtube using the built-in web browser, it slowdowns until freeze after the first 45 of watch, approximately. Doesn't so with the YouTube app though. Why is that? Buffering the video to RAM or anything like that? (XD). Is there anything I could do to solve this issue? By updating the browser itself or something it uses? What would it be?

2.- This is the most nasty one. The built-in music player (I haven't tried any other players yet), freezes randomly upon trying to play a different song! Sometimes it freezes, sometimes it doesn't. But it seems to happen most when I got a single-repeating song playing for too much time. When it's frozen, I have to forcefully close the process through the Settings. By repeating the playlist, setting to play random songs, or no repeating at all, it seems to work just fine. Is it a glitch in the player, or something bad is going on with the internal memory (where I have put the music)? Again, do I have any way to update the player to a possibly "fixed" version of it?

Thank you in advance.

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